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Updates to the Third Edition

Consolidated Update - latest -

Dated 14th September, 2022

New chartlet of the Ray Sand and one emendation on Page 212 regarding the longitude of the Ray Sand buoy.  Move of the SW Barrow west cardinal buoy to the south west (no changes affecting routes) and revised depths on the Whitaker Spit and at the east edge of the Barrow Sands.

Dated 3rd June, 2022

New chartlet of the Spitway and a notice potentially affecting about Foulger’s Gat

Dated 20th May, 2022

This provides information about the SW Sunk swatchway with revised waypoints, recommendations regarding the Middle Sunk, one error in the text of the book and a caution about electronic charts..

Consolidate Update 140922.pdf

Third Edition

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