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No 1

Superceded and withdrawn

No 2  Download Update No 2

Owing to a revised Trinity House Notice to Mariners, Update No 1 is cancelled and a new Update, No 2 issued.  Please download details here:


No 3

Superceded by Update No 5 and withdrawn

No 4  Download Update No 4

Removal of a yellow special mark in Fisherman’s Gat and recommendations to avoid construction work at the Kentish Flats Wind Farm.  Please download details here:

No 5a  Download Update No 5a

Changes to the buoyage in the Middle Deep, An improved SW Sunk chartlet with additional data from the PLA and news items. NOTE:  There is one typo (the error of one number!) in Update 5.  To correct this I have changed the Update to ‘5A’ clearly showing the error.  To ease my guilt I have added some ‘cut and paste’ images of the Rolling Road routes affecting the Middle Deep buoyage.  I am grateful to the reader who identified the typo.

Please download details here:

Free Supplement No 1  Download Supplement No 1

I have prepared a small set of tables for Tiller Girl’s summer cruise to aid planning from Boulogne to St Valerie sur Somme.  These are available as a free download.

Free Supplement No 2  Download Supplement No 2a

I have prepared a further small set of tables following Tiller Girl’s cruise across the Dover Straits.  The Supplement adds sectors from Ramsgate to Dover and to the edge of the Dover Straits TSS.  Additionally, entirely new (and innovative) ‘offset’ tables to aid planning crossing the TSS with the fixed heading are included.  These are available as a free download for those who already have a copy of the Second Edition.  Note that one typo in the Lat/Long for Wpt 71 is changed in Supplement No 2A.

Second Edition

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